Thai traditions of wellbeing and beauty

Some two thousand years ago, Buddha’s close friend and the personal doctor of the Indian king Dzhavaka Kumar Bhasha invented the massage, which was supposed to replace all of the modern medicine - now it is called Thai massage, because its main development was not in India, the place of its origin, but in Thailand, where it has been improving for centuries.

Thai massage - is the unity of the essence of Thai culture with its outstanding philosophy. Its goal is not only to promote the healing effect, the body cleansing and overall wellbeing, but also the harmonization of the internal energy. Along with herbal medicine and meditation, it is an ancient method of traditional Thai medicine.

Real masters of Thai massage - namely those working in our massage center in Marbella, - cannot refer to a session as just a formal job: a massage is traditionally understood as “metta”, which in southern Buddhism means “voluntarily doing good to others”.

Thai massage had become popular in Europe, due to the fact that:

  • it is built on the genuine friendliness and professionalism of the masters, able to create a cozy atmosphere of trust from the very beginning of a session;
  • in various approaches it is able to solve a complete range of tasks of your wellbeing - from serious treatment to a fast recovery of blood vessels or the mobility of the joints;
  • helps the body regain its natural state of harmony, which is needed at the particular moment — a session can contribute both to deep relaxation and to extremely intensive influx of energy;
  • ideally complements any weight control program or preservation of youth and beauty;
  • Thai massage helps to synchronize states and feelings, the balance of yin and yang - so the massage for couples can be a nice step to restoring a harmonious relationship with each other.

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