Tiger Balm

Bálsamo de Tigre Blanco
19 €
19 ml

For nearly 100 years, the unique formula of this balsam, based on herbal Chinese medicine, remains unchanged - Tiger Balm has deserved trust and popularity among those who lead an active lifestyle and don’t avoid physical exercises. This balm is widely known as it "works where it hurts" – providing a quick relief from the pain associated with overexertion of muscles and joints.

Actively used by athletes worldwide.

Tiger Balm is easy to apply - for the rapid removal of pain symptoms it is sufficient to take a very small amount of balm (literally at the tip of the finger).

For external use only! Be sure to carefully read the instructions and contraindications in the package.

In stock:

Red Tiger Balm (Dementholised mentha Oil BP 6,0%, Melaleuca leucadendron Oil BPC 7,0%, Camphor BP 11,0%, Eugenia caryophyllus Oil BP 5,0%, Cinnamomum Cassia Oil BP 5,0%, Paraffin & Petrolatum Q.S.).
Special warm-up balm for a quick recovery of pulled and bruised muscles and ligaments. Red Tiger Balm quickly penetrates to the damaged and over-stretched tissues, providing a powerful dissolving and healing effect, it can also be used prophylactically to create a warming effect before the intense stretching or physical exercise.

White Tiger Balm (Dementholised mentha Oil BP 16,0%, Melaleuca leucadendron Oil BPC 13,0%, Camphor BP 11,0%, Menthol BP 8,0%, Eugenia caryophyllus Oil BP 1,5%, Paraffin & Petrolatum Q.S.). 

It has exactly the same properties as the "red", but does not contain the extract of red pepper and thus it is softer and less aggressive. Consequently, its warming effect is not as pronounced, although it helps just as well with pain or discomfort.

Made in Singapore.