Gift Certificates

Tarjeta Regalo Thaï Spa - 40 EUR
40 €

Traditional Thai massage – is a great gift not only to yourself, but also for your family, friends and colleagues!

Be it a birthday, a special date or any other important event - whatever the occasion, this gift will always be appropriate and appreciated.

Gift Certificates Thaï Spa of different values will allow the owner to use one of the four kinds of the most popular Thai massage with the following durations of a session:

  • 40 € - 30 minutes,
  • 70 € - 60 minutes, 
  • 100 € - 90 minutes,
  • 120 € - 120 minutes.

By having a certificate of any value a holder can subsequently choose a traditional Thai massage, foot massage, sports or relaxing massage of an appropriate duration in any of the existing Thaï Spa salons. To use your certificate when booking a massage by phone or online please provide its registration number and a date when it was purchased.

Please note that all printed gift certificates are issued and signed by the salon administrator in English only, as it is the universal language of the modern world communication. All certificates are effective for not longer than a period of six calendar months from the date of their registration.