Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage. Massage centre in Marbella

Traditional Thai massage - namely Nuad-BO-Rarn - has been known for more than 2500 years. Thanks to a long practice and thorough observation of nature of the human body, by the method of trial and error and in the course of many centuries there formed a unique system of this healing therapy.

The current cost of traditional massage in Thaï Spa massage centres: 30 minutes - 40 €; 60 minutes - 70.00 €, 90 minutes - 100.00 €, 120 minutes - 140.00 €
When ordering, and paying for nine sessions - the tenth massage is free!

This massage’s technique has gathered the best elements of Taoist healing practices, ajurvedic massage, shiatsu and yoga. Traditional Thai massage works with you on several different levels, giving much respect to any thought or emotion - as it is based upon the theory of energy lines, the blocking of which may result in a variety of physical ailments. Each specialist’s precise movement is based upon an important principle - as in the whole vast universe, as in a variety of points of the human body the yin and the yang must always stay in a strict equilibrium... Despite the fact that the European society has treated the traditional Thai medicine with some skepticism for quite a long time, all modern researchers have recently concluded that the long-known Thai energy lines do exist, and a knowledgeable use of them can help cure diseases of various nature.

A powerful boost of well-being that can be expected after a session in our massage centre:

  • stable improvement of blood circulation and a swelling reduction due to constant heating and drainage of massaged areas;
  • improving the muscle functioning, extracting of toxins, stress relief, relaxation of tendons to increase their elasticity;
  • removal of symptoms of excess weight on the spinal cord and on lumbar region, associated with all types of sedentary work, improving of the posture;
  • stimulating the activity of the nervous system and metabolic processes;
  • relaxation and deep breathing, improved sleep, normalization of blood pressure;
  • improvement in the elasticity of the digestive tract components, prevention of problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • increase in the tone of the lymph and blood vessels, reducing the risk of blood clots (heart attack and stroke prevention);
  • a significant improvement of the skin, smoothing out scars, anti-cellulite effect.

An interesting fact about the traditional Thai massage: experts after long hours of training and hard practice, can actually feel the individual characteristics of each person's energy lines. Typically, women seem to succeed more in this. Filling their patients with the energy, they often loose quite a bit of their own strengths - and therefore have to be extremely strong and patient.

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