Thai sports massage

Thai massage for athletes. Sports Massage in  Marbella

Thai massage for athletes is a special practice of traditional Thai massage, which was designed for restoring the balance after a hard work-out session or help effectively prepare for one. This type of massage has been developing for a long time in its own direction, because the Thai massage is also known as Thai boxing in Thailand! Not surprisingly, a specialized massage technique has evolved many centuries ago specifically for Thai boxers.

The current cost of massage for athletes in Thaï Spa massage centers: 30 minutes - 40 €; 60 minutes - 70.00 €, 90 minutes - 100.00 €, 120 minutes - 140.00 €
When ordering, and paying for nine sessions - the tenth massage is free of charge!

Reviving properties of Thai sports massage are useful to all athletes on a regular basis (after each workout), as well as when one needs to regain the optimal shape (before workouts or after some microtrauma). No matter what sport you do, if you are a professional or a beginner - it is worth trying the Thai sport massage, to appreciate its endless possibilities!

Thai sports massage massage centers Thaï Spa in Marbella:

  • effectively restores the body after intense physical exercises;
  • optimal fatigue relief and helps prepare for the upcoming workout or competition;
  • works profoundly with the body, paying special attention to the muscles, joints and tendons;
  • dilates blood vessels within the entire volume of muscles, this way increasing the strength and endurance;
  • improves the functioning of the nervous and respiratory systems;
  • restores the natural balance, reducing the muscle tension, or vice versa, charging with the energy;
  • allows to get an athlete back in shape in the record time, if one miscalculated his own strength.

An interesting fact about the Thai massage for athletes: Thai balms and ointments for joints have rightfully gained their popularity among sports fans everywhere in the world. These are universal remedies based on natural ingredients, which help with bruises, sprains, muscle and joint pain, promote the healing of fractures and the treatment of varicose veins. Thai experts also say that the use of special balms and ointments without sports massage makes them many times less efficient.

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