Thai Relaxing Massage

Thai Relaxing Massage | Massage centre in  Marbella
A relaxing Thai massage, as the name itself suggests, is designed for a deep relaxation and restoration of your vitality. In order to achieve this, it uses not only the basic relaxation techniques of traditional Thai massage, but also the centuries-old experience of the use of various aromatic oils and herbs that restore the natural energy of your body and give a sense of peace and tranquility within.
The current cost of relaxing massage in Thaï Spa massage centres: 30 minutes - 40 €; 60 minutes - 70.00 €, 90 minutes - 100.00 €, 120 minutes - 140.00 €
When ordering, and paying for nine sessions - the tenth massage is free of charge!
Ultimately, the relaxing massage is just as popular as a traditional healing massage. Most Europeans who suffer from daily stress, excessive tension of the nervous system and of various other negative factors impacts, prefer to get acquainted with the traditions of Thai massage with this particular session. And if you come to Marbella on vacation, you just got to treat yourself to a relaxing Thai massage to truly shake off that tiredness once and for all!

A relaxing massage at the Thaï Spa massage centres in Marbella means:

  • prompt removal of nerve and muscle tension;
  • detox effect after a long flight;
  • restoration of the internal balance;
  • relaxation and deep breathing;
  • stabilization of blood pressure;
  • improving of sleep and migraine prophylaxis;
  • good elevated mood or peaceful tranquility;
  • a refreshing boost of energy after each session

An interesting fact about relaxing massage: Chinese experts, practicing traditional massages, believe in long sessions. They say: "Half an hour – is good, one hour – better, two hours - will give the best effect!" Thai medicine recognizes many cases when a long-lasting relaxing massage exceeded the performance of several traditional treatments when it comes to measurable health benefits.

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