Thai massage for couples

Thai massage for the couple. Relaxing massage for  two in Marbella

Thai massage for two – a traditional version of relaxing Thai massage, which allows partners to enjoy the atmosphere of peace and quiet at the same time, being close to each other and tuning into "the same wave" both energetically and physically.

Better than any family psychologist Thai massage for couples helps to find the harmony between yin and yang, to rethink all the issues in the relationship and come to a mutual understanding and emotional balance. Paired sessions when in the same spacious room you receive a simultaneous massage provided by experienced professionals, usually help resolving the accumulated misconceptions and achieve more open and trusting relationships.

A session of Thai massage for two can be a wonderful gift to both of you on your wedding anniversary, as well as just a gentle family tradition, which makes it possible to comfortably tune into a romantic evening every time you want to re-live the most pleasant moments!

An important fact about simultaneous Thai massage: many say that Thai massage - is the art of establishing a mystic connection between the one who receives it, and the one who exercises it. For instance, the breathing of a massage therapist during a session of massage should be done in unison with the breathing of a person receiving the massage ... This feature of traditional Thai massage makes it extremely challenging for the both masters working with the pair at the same time.

The current cost of massage for two in the Thaï Spa massage centers: 60 minutes - € 140; 90 min - 200 €. If you have any questions or special requests - please email or call us to learn more about this offer!

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a relaxing Thai massage for two 
in Thaï Spa massage center in Marbella!