Thai foot massage

Thai foot massage

Thai foot massage is an ideal remedy for the well-being of your feet, stress reduction, treatment of insomnia, hypertension, and various vascular diseases, prevention of migraines and digestive disorders... there is a huge list of problems that can be solved by a long-term course of Thai foot massage treatment!

The current cost of foot massage in Thaï Spa  massage centres: 30 minutes - 40 €; 60 minutes - 70.00 €.
When ordering, and paying for nine sessions - the tenth massage is free!

But even if you currently have no need in a long-term treatment, you will surely experience a beneficial impact even after only one treatment. After all, Thai foot  massage is a powerful and long-lasting way of relaxing the whole body, normalizing the blood pressure, relieving physical and emotional stress after a difficult day or eliminating swelling and an uncomfortable feeling of heavy legs after a long walk around Marbella.

Thai foot massage in our showrooms in Marbella:

  • it includes not only the Thai techniques, but also the basic elements of Chinese acupuncture (stimulation of bio-active points of the foot);
  • involves not only the foot massage, but also drainage movements along the lower leg to the knee, providing a fast relaxation or, on the contrary,  made to emphasize the healing aspect of a session;
  • takes into consideration various traditions of classic massage in Thailand: techniques from the south mostly common in the Bangkok area, as well as techniques from the north widely practiced in the area of ​​Chiang Mai;
  • a number of important elements of foot massage is performed with a use of a special wooden stick – with a use of natural aromatic oils with toning, relaxing or soothing effects (selected individually);
  • during one-hour session the most commonly practiced method utilizes more than 60 hand movements and stimulating more than 20 active points of the foot sole throughout a single session. A part of these actions is meant for relaxation, while another part is supposed to activate the metabolic processes of the body, which altogether provide you with a stable sense of well-being.

An interesting fact about this kind of Thai massage: perhaps, there is no other nation in the world, which is equally attentive and careful to their feet, like the Thais. Some of their important customs include: taking off your shoes and walking barefoot at home and when visiting another person, making sure to take off your shoes when entering a Buddhist temple, not ever placing your foot in the direction of the other party, as well as in the direction of Buddha, these and other important traditions are passed down from generation to generation. It is on this national characteristic that the culture and the practice of foot care is founded, existing for many centuries and based on the profound understanding of human nature, as well as the practical use of local herbs in special baths, scrubs and foot-ointments.


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